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Rectangular Floor Unit
Model #FS-400
74"H x 40"W x 18"D
4 Lights, 3 Shelves
Glass display showcases from stock or custom made. 

Optional screening with company or product logo available.

Elongated Floor Unit
Model #FSE4-33
74"H x 20"W x 33"D
3 Lights, 4 Shelves


Brilliant halogen lighting brings unique intensity to crystalware, jewelry, art, objects, porcelain, etc. Omega showcases are museum quality in construction and materials. Shelves are completely and easily adjusted in seconds – safe and secure for all valuables.

The Features to Look For In Quality Display Cases

• Sturdy Aluminum/Glass Construction •
• Affordable Elegance • Brilliant Halogen Lighting • Completely Dust Free •
• Fully Assembled • Mirrored Internal Floor • Polished Glass Shelves •
• Complete Simple Shelf Adjustability • Pilfer Proof Lock •
• Optional Silk-Screening and Finishes •
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